1. What is Good Design ?

Good Design is a collaborative work environment. We created Good Design as a place where small to mid-size design and consulting firms can become a community. We called it Good Design, because our notion of what is ‘Good’ in the world of design is no longer just a beauty contest.   We believe that the modern master builder is a team. We understand that the role of the design professional is changing.  Good Design is a conversation that includes: performance, value, resilience, health, quality, and happiness.  Green building codes are a creating a sea-change for which most architects, engineers, and code officials are simply unprepared.  Good Design is a place that is intended to help the design community evolve.  Good Design is a re-interpretation of the Guild, where the modern master builder is a team, not an individual. Good Design is a space where we will test and practice ideas, focusing on the needs of small to mid-sized design firms, share what we learn, and be the change we want to see in the design community.

2. Who should join?

Good Design is intended to be a "Big Tent" for the greater design and construction community.  We are a collaborative organization and true collaboration is based on trust.  Anyone with a stake in the AEC community is welcome to join Good Design.

3. How can I participate?

Good Design has opportunities for Resident Members with private offices and Café Members with shared offices.  See the PRICING page for more info and benefits.

Also inquire about strategic sponsorship opportunities for industry and community partners.

See THE GROUP for more information on current members and fill out an INTEREST FORM to learn more.

4. Who runs and owns good design?

Good Design was founded by a collaborative of AEC practitioners:

  • Bill Worthen, FAIA
  • Kyle Pickett, MSOD

5. how can product suppliers and manufacturers participate?

We have many opportunities for sponsors and strategic partners.  If you're looking for a workspace, we can also help with that!  Please fill out the INTEREST FORM to contact us.

6.  when will good design be open?

Our target is Spring of 2016.